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Here at Beds Direct we have a superb variety of Bed Frames in stock ranging from the smallest 2ft6 Small Single through to the largest 6ft Superking size. From traditional Wooden Bed Frames through to the latest Metal designs plus Leather and Faux Leather Beds which look fantastic in any Bed room.

All Bed Frames marked as "in stock" are available for delivery in 2 working days to a huge Delivery area.

Beds Direct Bed Frames and Bedsteads

Bed Frames or Bedsteads as they are commonly known as haven't essentially changed all that much over the years. What were once considered modern designs gradually became known as more traditional designs as tastes changed but those same designs remain popular. The vast majority of Bed Frames on the UK market are imported so even if you are buying from a UK or English company like us here at Beds Direct, the chances are that if you are shopping for a Bed Frame it has been made abroad.

The one thing that can vary massively is quality, we have been doing this for over 20 years and have learned many lessons when it comes to sourcing good manufacturers both at home and across the world. Unlike most Bed companies in the UK, rather than just putting a suppliers stock photo of a Bed on our website and never actually seeing one in the flesh, we only sell Bed Frames we either keep in stock ourselves (so we can see how they are made, the quality of the fixings etc) or ones we have previously seen ourselves. This way we know that the Bed Frames we are selling come up to our high standards. In the unlikely event a range ever comes into stock which does not fulfil it's promise, it is discontinued and usually sent back to manufacturer or at a minimum is sold off as a "second" so customers know exactly what they are getting.

Materials used for the construction of Bed Frames have changed a little over the years, where many Bed Frames used to use a mesh type Sprung Base, the majority of good quality Bases have moved over to a Sprung slatted type system. These Sprung Slats are actually made of multiple layers of Wood formed into a curve which then acts like a spring (think of a leaf spring on a car and you will have the general idea). These slats when sourced from a good manufacturer are excellent and offer a nice feel to the Mattress being used and years of reliability. Unfortunately there are many many Beds out there which use a cheaper form of sprung slat which appear similar but have a terrible reputation for breaking. We know the good ones from the bad so steer well clear of those! A sprung slat is generally better for your mattress too, metal bar type bases whilst simple and easy to construct do not offer the best support for the springs inside your Mattress so are usually only suitable for smaller child use (something many Bed retailers forget to tell their customers until after they have bought one).

Once you go above 4ft size Bed Frames you will find the vast majority use a centre support leg type system, this usually means that a central steel or wooden rail supports the middle of the Bed lengthways then screw on or bolt on legs come down from that centre rail to the floor. We have over the years seen some designs which are so poor that they are almost guaranteed to fail and buckle so every Bed we stock is constructed and tested at our main offices in Swindon, Wiltshire for build quality and materials. Many of our Bed Frames have 3, 4 or even 5 centre support legs for superior stability.

If you have any technical or other questions regarding our range of Bed Frames, give us a call. We don't just sell Beds, we actually know all of our products inside out! Beds Direct are open 7 Days a Week and would love to hear from you.