Divan Beds with Mattress

All the Divan Beds listed in these sections come complete with a Mattress. The vast majority of the Beds Direct Divan Range is available with or without Storage underneath. We offer a variety of different storage solutions such as Sliding Doors, Traditional Pull-Out Drawers and Lift-Up Ottoman Bases.

Every Divan Bed marked as "in stock" is available for Delivery in 2 working days to a huge area.

Divan Beds Delivery in 2 working days.

The word Divan has become standard for all box type Bed Bases sold in the UK and we are no different. We keep a wide variety of Divan Bed in stock for Delivery in 2 working days. Some are Platform Top Bases, otherwise known as Hard Top Bases. This means the surface of the Base that the Mattress sits on is not Sprung in any way. This Hard Top type of Bed Base tends to suit Memory Foam Mattresses or where the customer prefers an firmer less forgiving feeling to the Mattress.

Other types of Bed Bases are known as Sprung Edge, this is a slightly misleading term as the vast majority of Sprung Edge Bases are actually sprung across the entire surface of the base not just the edge. Sprung Edge Divan Beds are popular choices with higher end Beds and Pocket Sprung Beds, the sprung base works in unison with the Springs in the Mattress giving you a softer deeper feeling to the Mattress. If a very firm Mattress is put onto a sprung edge Divan Base then you get a slightly deeper and softer feel without losing any support. Sprung Edge Divan Bases can help prolong the life of your Mattress.

Our Divan Beds come with or without Storage in the Bed Base. We offer a choice of Storage Drawers and a new range of Sliding Door Bases which allow for larger items of bedding etc to be stored under the Bed. We also offer a huge range of Ottoman style Divan Beds which offer the most Storage space of all.

All the Divan Beds in the Beds Direct range are constructed with Pine Frames inside. The fabric upholstery on the outside can vary from a basic but hard wearing synthetic fabric right through to top quality damask fabrics. Most of our Divan Beds come with Deluxe Twin Wheel Castors, these Castors offer a smoother movement and protect your carpet as the "footprint" is larger. For a small fee we can upgrade any Divan Bed with chromed effect glider feet, these are attractive alternative to wheels and offer the best carpet protection and are also more suitable for wooden flooring vs carpet.

Remember, every Divan Bed we stock is available for Genuine delivery in 2 working days Just check our Delivery area map for details or give us a call. Our lines are open Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm on 01249 470099