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Here at we are proud to have a fantastic selection of Mattresses available to you for direct Delivery in 2 working days. Over 20 years of experience has gone into choosing the selection you see on our website. We focus on good quality, great value for money and of course Super Fast Delivery. So if you are just looking for a cheaper more basic sprung Mattress or a top quality luxury hand made Pocket Sprung Mattress, you have come to the right place.

All mattresses regardless of Size and Quantity are available for Delivery in 2 working days to a huge Delivery area.

Beds Direct has for many years kept a massive range of Mattresses in stock for delivery in 2 working days.

Open Coil spring systems ranging from cheaper budget products through to top of the line hand made Pocket Sprung Beds and Mattresses made by Hypnos Beds. Every single sprung Mattress in the Beds Direct range is made here in England to high standards using quality materials. There are plenty of manufacturers to choose from and over the years we have used many. Now in 2011 we only use manufacturers with a superb reputation for not only price and quality but after sales service, Delivery times.

It is confusing for many customers with so many different types of Mattress available today. Open Coil Mattresses make up the bulk of the choices and they can range from the most basic of Budget Mattress suitable for Small Children only right through to some exceptionally well made and top quality models. Generally speaking a Open Coil Mattress has a "bouncier" feel to it, this is due to the fact that the spring inside are all connected to one another so in effect they all act like one big spring. The amount of Spring inside an Open Coil Mattress tends to be quite a bit lower than a Pocket Sprung Mattress so in order to get good support from an Open Coil unit you need to choose a firmer choice.

There are some Open Coil Mattresses which have roughly double to number of springs inside and they are linked together in such a way that you do not get "roll together" which is a symptom of most Open Coil Mattresses. "Roll together" is effectively what happens when you have two people sharing a Mattress and the lighter of the two feel like they are rolling towards the heavier person. This is caused by the springs compressing under the heavier person and all the attached spring leaning in towards them. We stock several models of this "no roll together" Mattress, examples being the Buckingham Mattress and the Regency Mattress. These Mattresses used a unique patented spring system which was developed in Switzerland but is made under licence here in England.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses are widely accepted as being the most supporting and comfortable. First developed by Vi-Spring in 1901 it consists of many more springs than a standard Mattress are these are not attached to each other but are either sewn or glued into separate cloth/fabric chambers or "pockets". The springs work independently so if two people share the same bed, these Mattresses will support each of them individually, giving them appropriate support. Another advantage is that it reduces the "roll together" effect almost completely. Not all Pocket Spring Mattresses are created equal of course, and more springs doesn't mean a better Pocket Sprung Mattress. We have seen hundreds of models from many many manufacturers over the years and some of the biggest name in the business have terrible consumer problems and quality control issues. Our range now is the result of many years of testing and working with reliable suppliers who can make Mattresses to our specifications. We stock a large range of quality Pocket Sprung Mattresses, the most popular models being the Zoned Pocket Mattress, the Pocket Contour Mattress and of course our range of Hypnos Pocket Sprung Mattresses.

Visco Elastic, or "Memory Foam" as it has become known as is a relatively new material to the bed industry. First developed by NASA for use at a pressure relieving materials for Space Shuttle seats and then adopted as a material for use in the furniture industry. Essentially it is not all that different to regular foam but where regular foam rebounds quickly into its pre compressed state, Visco Elastic Memory Foam has a slow recovery time. The material is heat sensitive and tends to soften around the body where the temperature is slightly higher. This can reduce pressure on the body and a feeling of the Mattress moulding to your body shape. If you adjust your position it take a second or two to "re mould" to your shape. As with any other product there are good quality foams and much cheaper poor quality foams on the market. We have seen some absolute shockers of the years! You get what you pay for! Take a look at the Memory Supreme Mattress or the Memory 1000 Mattress which are just two of our range of superb quality Memory Foam Mattresses.