3ft Memory Pillow Top Mattress


  • 3ft Memory Pillow Top Mattress
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One of our best ever selling memory foam mattresses in over 20 years.

Outstanding value for money for a high quality product.

A deep layer of high grade visco elastic "memory foam" which conforms to you body shape to provide great support and relieving pressure on the natural pressure points such as hips and shoulders. Beneath the top visco elastic layer there is a deep second layer of visco memory foam. This foam provides a supportive base for the top foam and the combination gives the mattress a deep plush feel. Underneath these two layers providing the base support is a deep layer of reflex foam.

The top two layers of visco elastic memory foam have channels between them allowing improved air circulation and cooling.

The mattress has hypoallergenic properties and is dust mite resistant. The mattress has a removeable soft knitted jaquard outer cover.

Unlike many foam mattress on the market today, this comes ready to sleep on so you won't have to wait days or weeks for it to fully expand!



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1 x 3ft quilted mattress protector


1 x water resistant mattress protector



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